I come from humble beginnings as the second child to middle-class parents living in the upstate of South Carolina. I was taught the value of hard work and watched as both of my parents worked multiple jobs to provide a better life for me and my older sister Stephanie. I learned from their work ethic and I quickly understood that ultimately we control our own path and we have to create our own opportunities.

As one of the first three Alford's to graduate college, I went on to work in the Ad Agency business for 17 years living and working in Greenville, Chicago, LA, and a 5-year stop in New York City.

I worked on and help develop some of the most recognizable ad campaigns of the last 20 years for Verizon, Motorolla, Lexus, The NFL, and many other global brands.

I have built and operated two very unique businesses that we have grown into multi-million dollar performers all while investing heavily in my personal brand and building one of the top 25 business podcasts in the world - The Radcast.

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